About me

Welcome! I am a researcher, independent consultant/coach, and (hobby) photographer born in Westphalia, Germany and currently based in Taipei, Taiwan.

I have studied mathematics and physics but have switched to the social sciences since. My own research is mostly in (business) psychology, but I am systems thinker and aspiring polymath, interested just as much in economics, sociology, political theory, and philosophy. I write about the questions that fascinate me on my blog.

What I believe in

I deeply believe in the foundations of modernity: the scientific method, (classical) liberal rights, and individual empowerment. I think a strong an open civil society is paramount to deal with the challenges we face. This belief has guided and distracted me throughout my career.

I am fascinated by the accelerating technological innovations of our times. I also believe it is at least equally important to develop our societies, organizations, and ourselves to make the best of that progress. Only by building social technologies can we become more resilience, adapt to the changes around us, and flourish.

I am a strong proponent of personal agency. A world is a better world in which more people can thrive, build the courage and strength to walk their own path towards joy, and find the companions to shape the world around them. I also think this freedom comes with responsibilities towards others and the world around us. Much of my coaching work is about supporting people on this way.

Art + Work

Creativity is an important part of my life. I play the classic double bass since I was eleven, I like to experiment and learn, and enjoy taking photos.

I will share more about my experiences here over time. Feel invited to explore them! Music and Art will tell you about these endeavors, while you find my photography on its own page. Philosophy contains my reflections on some of the things I find important. Projects is about my more professional as well as leadership experiences. In Recommendations I share the respect I have for the work of others.

May curiosity be your guide.