Photography is my prime avocation at the moment. I love it for the way it allows me to interact more mindfully with what is happening around me, how it nudges me towards learning and curiosity.

Much of my photography is intuitive and spontaneous, with equal parts opportunism and serendipity. And yet, there is a broader theme emerging from it, “Time in Taiwan”, of course dedicated to the island I currently call home.

Taiwan is a small and beautiful island in the East Chinese sea and a young democratic country still looking for its identity. As the only democracy with Chinese history, I think that both the East and West can learn much from it. And yet, gloomy omens of Grand History make it often difficult to see the intimate stories from which life is actually made.

In my collection of moments and photo essays, I want to tell stories about its past, present, and future as I experience them in the people and places around me. My main curiosities are daily life and the hidden ideas and innovations Europe can learn from; the way Taiwan deals with its unresolved past and uncertain future; and its search and struggle to find its cultural voice at a moment in history where it has often learned to be silent.