On Photography

Photography is an important source of joy and beauty in my life. In this series of essay, I reflect on what it means to me.


The amateur’s way to photography

For many of us, photography it is deeply connected to our most happy moments. Yet, often it seems that is not photography that brings happiness, but rather happiness that nudges us to take a photo, sometimes mindlessly, and often not without interrupting the very moment we want to capture. Yet, when we see photography not as a spontaneous tool to capture enchantment but a practice to search for it, it can be the source of wonder and beauty, not its exorcist. This is the amateur’s way of photography, and in this article, I describe how I find joy in it.

How to take a good picture

On gear and glass and how to get started

There is an obvious lesson in putting curiosity and fun front and center: Chose the equipment you enjoy. In this article, I share what gear and glass I use and why.