A young woman opening her arms towards the sea, the sun right behind her head, spreading the golden evening light over the scenery

海 (The Sea)

I love the sea. I also love the mountains. Any kind of nature can be as empowering as humbling, showing us that we are part of something millennial , but that our own role in it is preposterous in the greater scheme of things.

True, we are living in the Anthropocene, and we won’t leave “the Planet” as is. But Mother Earth will likely not care. If we were to vanish, she would take just a few hundreds or thousands of years to cover the scars and pits of our doing.

Maybe it is because of this that it’s the sea and mountains that remind of eternity, the forests of the finiteness of everything: While the forest will look, feel, be different in a year from now, the mountains and sea might seem more or less the same for aeons. And so, whenever I go skiing, I am enliven by the idea how us small apes play around with our wooden planks on its flanks.

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