A small statue of a monk. He is sitting on chair, with one arm at the side and the other stretched over his raised knees. He looks self-confident and filled with a peaceful joy.

極樂 (Bliss)

This week focused on exuberant positive feelings of joy, sometimes even with of somewhat chaotic, extreme, isn’t-this-tot-much color (mania!), often in the context of being part of/immersed in/relating to/independent from groups.

But oftentimes, emotions are more personal affairs – of course, that’s how we make sense of them by locating them in our minds, hearts, or bodies. This is made nowhere as explicit in the way the practice of meditation might lead to contentment, joy, and even bliss!

To find happiness within, to make our happiness not conditional on the outer world, is one of the greatest lessons philosophy and spiritual practices can teach us.

Starting from this idea, I will dive into colors of joy that are maybe less effervescing and whirling than those this week focused on, more private, personal, or at least independent from other people. But until then, why not sink into yourself for a few breaths and a silent or not so silent “Om”?

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