Remembering 228 in Chiayi (嘉義市), A Study Tour

Last Tuesday I spontaneously joined a friend to a day-trip to Chiayi. She is studying Taiwan’s transitional justice process that tries to work through the KMT’s White Terror era and we visited several of the 228 memorial sites. It was a fascinating day, I learned a lot and had lots of fun!

This blog post is mostly a stand-in (in case you are scrolling through the archives or subscribed via RSS). I took a lot of photos during the trip and wrote about it more in the form of evergreen photo essays you can find over at the “photography” part of my website.

The report is a five part series you can find here:

  • Part I, a brief summary of the 228 incident and what it meant for Chiayi
  • Part II, a report on our visit of Chiayi 228 National Memorial Park
  • Part III, a report on our visit of Chiayi 228 Memorial Park
  • Part IV, a report on our visit to Chiayi Old Prison
  • Part V, on our visit to Chiayi Park, unconnected to the 228 incident


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