Bali (八里區, not in Indonesia ;)) is a suburban district in New Taipei City, the county that holds most of the broader Taipei metropolitan region. Bali is a small strip of streets and houses huddled against the slope of mount Guanyin. Seen from Taipei, it lies behind the mountain. Despite earlier riches, it would likely be an insignificant neighborhood weren’t it for the broad waterfront to Taipei’s most northern district Tamsui. (Tamsui is technically still in New Taipei, but given the direct MRT line to the heart of the city it feels like part of it).

It is likely (definitely!) this riverside that makes Bali a popular destination for weekend visitors from the city. After a small ferry ride, you’ll find parks, tourist attractions in the form of sculptures and rides for the children – and of course plenty of food. (This would not be Taiwan otherwise!)

I had a lot of fun taking a photo walk with a friend and will share some of the images in the next two weeks. Feeling inspired by the fun fair vibes, I went for a more aggressive editing style for the photos today.

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