Xinyi district is one of the expat centers of Taipei, my wife and I too settled there.

I had to get used to it. The skyscrapers were and are fascinating, yet the mass of malls and stores irritated me at first. Street photography definitely was a tool to help me understand and appreciate it more.

It is the the way Xinyi is surrounded by nature that made us pick this part of the city, a fact we still appreciate a lot. Unfortunately Taiwan lacks Europe’s long summer nights, so during the week it’s often dark once we finish work. But the hills are a great retreat in the evening hours after a lazy Saturday.

(Another older photo from a time we still had to wear masks outside. “Masks” is a euphemism for the wet sponge you found tucked to your face minutes after leaving the apartment, given more than 30°C and 80% humidity…)

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