An athletic woman standing on a ridge behind a balustrade. Her camera calmly in one hand at her side, she scans the area for something to shoot. In the background the typical bent roof of a Taoist temple can be seen.

Ghost Seeker

Tomorrow is “Ghost Day” and the gates of hell will open. Ghosts will enter the the world of the living. But fear not, this has happened every year, so chances are if you are old enough to read this you will survive it this time, too.

Ghost months is a special time in Taiwan with many beautiful traditions and rituals. Spirits, ancestors, and gods are close so it’s worth it to reach out to them if you need their help. But they also bring their own needs… Tradition and somewhat peculiar rules (“avoid whistling,” “avoid swimming,” “don’t have a wedding,” and “don’t point slippers towards you bed”) will help you to avoid the worst (“ghost live in the sea and might carry you off”).

Last year, I had the best company to seek, learn about, and capture the rituals surrounding this special time. Today’s image introduces my companion, @miacimu, a scholar of Taiwanese culture and wonderful photoethnographer.

One more tip: Like Naomi, you should wear bright clothes tomorrow…

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