Leaves crawling over the glass roof of a playground. Trees reach over it in different layers.


A last window photo for this week.

Street photography for me is mostly about the “human condition.” But looking for a social situation that encapsulates the place and time might distract from the life underneath the city, in its riffs and cracks. Like these leaves and trees that are too formed by the city.

I sometimes wonder whether the way trees are often invisible to the photo diminishes our appreciation of them – in a time where “Instagramability” is key for apartments, restaurants, travel destinations, people. Photos can the three dimensions of our world to two. This is less of a problem for people, but trees lose a lot of their mystique and beauty. Trees are less about form than depths (especially when they are not standing alone). The way photos freeze time doesn’t live well with their delicate way of dancing with the wind. But even if photography is not the right medium, don’t forget to greet them!

Do you have a favorite tree around the place where you live?

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