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Using EZ Way App for customs clearing in Taiwan

It can be quite a hassle to order stuff online in Taiwan. Especially if you are used to get everything from your own country (the US, China), or if you were part of a free market (the EU). You’ll likely pay quite a lot extra for shipping, wait longer. Your package might also get stuck in customs. This is where EZ Way App comes into play. This is how it worked for me!

What is EZ Way App?

I don’t really know. This is what I remember I read somewhere while trying to figure out how it works: It’s a private app that takes over the official function of customs clearance online. According to the Ministry of Finance and Customs Administration it’s legit. It’s not “easy” but likely easier than the alternative. I don’t know whether you can also go somewhere in person, wait for an hour, fill out a document you cannot read and hope for the best. I also didn’t want to find out, so EZ Way it was!

The app is called “EZ WAY 易利委” on the Apple App store. It has 1 of 5 stars, a handful of ratings and wants all your private data, but DHL sent me the link and it seemed right…

Like many official or half-official apps, it seems to be very powerful on the back-end but has an absolutely cata… no, actually, the UI is relatively ok. There’s even some English.

I didn’t need to pay for anything, but maybe this is also something the app is capable of.

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How does it work?

EZ WAY is an app for clearing customs after ordering something online internationally. I spent quite a lot of time trying to figure out how it works and how to find someone who can help me. It finally did work, so let me just share what I did.

Let’s do it step by step.

  1. Download the app
  2. Next you want to authorize the app to clear stuff in your name. This works via a resident card or ARC. I’m not aware of other options. It needs your ARC number, name, birth date, phone number, and address. It works surprisingly fast and well via the camera but make sure the letters don’t get mixed up. (I was hellbent to give it the same info as DHL. Luckily, it’s very clear it doesn’t want any “+886” stuff for example – just enter your phone number, 09.. …)
  3. In my case the app doesn’t link to the tracking of the package, even after messages from DHL I received no notifications, no data, nada.
  4. What I had to do was to click “Paper Letter of Authorization” in the bottom left and proactively send them a letter of authorization. (I expected they would send me something, but that’s not how it works.) Clicking on “create” leads you to a (very long and confusing) list of various logistics companies. Fingers crossed yours is among them! Chose the one and fill out the form that appears. At the end, there is a “signature” button that looks like it needs a document from you (that you likely don’t have). It doesn’t, all it needs is a signature.
  5. After pressing “submit”, you should see a pdf-like document that you can send. Apparently this is what customs needs…

Good luck!

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