(Xiaoliuqiu, 15/16)

The most important “sight” of Xiaoliuqiu is that of its famous Green Sea Turtles. I’ve heard people referring to the island as “Turtle Island,” which lead to a lot of confusion when talking to Taiwanese, as there is an actual Turtle Island right at the opposite side of Taiwan, close to Waiao Beach.

We were a bit anxious that we would miss the turtles during the days we were here. But our fears were totally unmerited. There were always some 3-6 turtles in the vicinity of the beach, sometimes just a few meters off shore, where the water was so shallow that I was able to walk there with my camera.

Diving along these pacific creatures was deeply meditative, an experience so timeless that it not only grounded me in the moment but seemed to veil time itself.

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