Portrait of a woman, she is wearing a black dress that melts into the black background. In front of her is a round window through which green light lights her face. She's looking at the camera, curious, or maybe skeptical.

Lady in black and green

(From the Archives, 1/7)

We had public holidays last week. I took the opportunity to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei (台北當代藝術館) with a friend. Most of my favorite art museums are contemporary art museums, Copenhagen’s Louisiana or London’s Tate Modern, for example. Taipei’s museums don’t play in the same league (by far). I sometimes struggle to understand the exhibition’s deeper meaning, maybe the cultural difference plays a part in it. Still, it’s a fun thing to do at a Saturday when I’m to lazy to leave the city!

Anyway. I always bring my camera so even if I am not blown away by the art itself from time to time, museums are a great place to take some sneaky pictures of the visitors. In this case, the image was taken less sneakily. (Publishing it is, though :D) Thank you friend!

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