Taipei 101, out of focus at night. It rains heavily and people are carrying umbrellas and capes. The atmosphere is ghostly, dominated by faceless schemes.


(Nuit Blanche Taipei 2023, 1/7)

Taipei’s Nuit Blanche is a yearly public art festival taking place in the streets and public places of one of its districts. After it was hosted by Shinyi district in 2022, our home district Xinyi took over in 2023. Under the theme of 白晝之夜起義 (“Day and Night Uprising”) it promised open air cinema, street art, stage acts, drinks… and as it turned out lots of rain. The Heavens Are Falling Upon Us-levels of rain.

I am glad I went. I went mostly for the photos and given the rain didn’t make it to the interesting areas. (My shoes were soaked halfway there).

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