A stone sculpture in a wall. It depicts a dragon fighting against a warrior holding a grenade.

The Dragon Emblem

This dragon was depicted in the walls of Bangka Qingshan Temple (艋舺青山宮), the place of most of last week’s photos.

I like how folk psychology and religion overlap in many of the Taoist and Buddhist temples here. You don’t find old Germanic stories in German churches. There’s no Brunhilde or Siegfried, no lindwyrms, dryads, or forest spirits and I think it would be fun to have memories of that parts of European culture as well. Maybe they would allow a more personal and mythic entrance to mythology compared with the big Abrahamic religions. (Which is probably a reason said religions captured many of the pagan rituals over the centuries.)

Are there public emblems of pagan spirituality you are aware of and interact with? Or is your personal mythology (if you have any) driven more by personal artifacts or places in nature directly?

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