A self-portrait, watching Taipei 101 from my quarantine hotel. It's night and the tower is out of focus in the back, like a distant symphony.


It’s day 14 of this 15-day project. Let me end with this self-portrait. It captures well the mood at the end of the journey, the calmness and gravity of a new beginning, as well as the determination with which I planned to meet it.

Exiting the hotel the next day, I felt grounded, curious – and happy, of course, seeing my wife again and meeting the place I now call home.

In hindsight, the two-week transition period was a strange gift. The boredom didn’t linger too long, but I kept the questions and ideas I found, the goals and plans I made. Together they gave me a lot of clarity, strength, and determination in the weeks and months to come. A few others I hold onto a bit too firmly. I had to force myself to let them go later as I learned more about what this place and chapter are about for me.

Thank you for staying with me for this experiment. I hope you enjoyed it!

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