Being a mathematician, coding comes naturally to me. Even though I always loved people too much to devote my life to it, I enjoy how it challenges me, poses puzzles, and allows to build something. Oftentimes, the best part in my research is the moment when I can dive into the data and see how many of my ideas stand the test of reality.

In learning “real” programming languages, I was always very practical, learning bits of HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, and JavaScript to tweak the websites for my projects or to tweak the apps and bots I use.

This website is based on WordPress, but while I really enjoy my freedoms when it comes to hosting, the theme and its unmatched versatility, the backend has become a slug and the code feels exceedingly inaccessible. Hidden behind submenus of submenus and a giant pile of themes, plugins, and weekly updates, changes don’t feel exciting and powerful anymore, but minuscule and threatening.

I already toy with the idea of teaching myself Go, and build my next project with a lean stack of HuGo and R Markdown!