Liuhe Night Market (六合觀光夜市), Strolling between piles of meat

Liuhe Night Market is probably Kaohsiung’s most popular night market. It’s not special in any obvious way, and yet there are some small details that probably make it my most favorite among the hundreds of night markets in Taiwan.

First, it’s in Kaohsiung. Living in Taipei, this seems to be a disadvantage. But! It also means I am on vacation when I am there. Vacations are good, so this is a point in favor.

Second, there is plenty to chose from. I am still sometimes shy when it comes to Taiwanese food on the markets, usually sticking to what I know during a normal week, and trying one or maybe two new dishes when I feel courageous at weekends. At Liuhe, neither I nor any of our visitors ever went home hungry until now, or – maybe the bigger danger – had to focus too much on a few stands or finally give pig blood cake a try. (It’s actually quite good!)

Third, Liuhe Road itself is quite broad. It thus feels not quite as packed as many of Taipei’s night markets and there is enough space to not only buy but also eat your food. Another Point! (Also, a broad street makes it easy enough to take pictures.)