Dawulun Beach (大武崙白沙灘), Concrete and crazy dogs

Dawulun Beach (大武崙白沙灘) is one of the few beaches close to Taipei. Taiwan is notorious for having few sand beaches on its Northern and Western shores. What is often stated as a military advantage is of course a bummer for any beach bums or those looking to burn a little in the sun to prevent burning out in the office.

Dawulun is a 40 min car ride from Taipei. It’s small and feels surprisingly disregarded. Instead of a promenade, palm trees, and posh cafés, you find some rugged diners, concrete harbor infrastructure, concrete tank traps, and the lascivious concrete street, claiming the bay its own. Yet, a beach is a beach, the sea is the sea, and its rolling waves quickly make the disregarded trash piles forgotten.

Bringing an old camping tent from my last festival, my camera and real books, time trickled by in lavish slowness. The water was refreshingly cool, the sun warm and tender, still missing the searing intensity it will get later in summer.

I enjoyed the voyeurism my camera allowed me, to secretly intrude the day of our common visitors, to take part in their laziness, carefreeness, and joy.