2021, German Christmas Market Taipei

Since 2020, the German Trade Office (AHK) organizes a German Christmas Market in Taipei. It is usually a fun mix of over-the-top Christmas decoration, “made in Germany” trade fair, shrill stage acts, and of course German (bratwurst, gluehwein) and Taiwanese (bubble tea) specialties.

For the expat missing home shortly before the holidays (the weather doesn’t scream Christmas, either), the AHK’s Christmas Market can be dangerous: Waiting for a small relief of heimatgefühl, you realize even more how much you miss fir cones, Christmas songs, and drunken laughter. Yet, the mood is usually as great as the food, the German crowd automatically gathers before the gluehwein-booth, and it is just as easy to chat with the people standing next to you as it is in Heidelberg, Muenster, or even Hamburg.